Charile Haden: You have the history of the world within you. To improvise is to tap into it!

This short talk by great bassist Charlie Haden sums up what I believe about music.  In another interview he says that he plays and records as often as he can to “further the cause” of spreading this deep spirituality.   He explains that each time  someone listens to him play they absorb some of this amazing and enlightened version of what it is to be human.  A version of what is possible to be – when our focus is on loving kindness  beauty, creative pursuits and sharing of all that is pure gold in the human spirit through the history of the ages.

This reminds me of the teaching of Carl Jung about the collective unconscious, that we are all one and not contained within our physical beings….we are so much more that than.  We are not our body, as Depak Chopra said in one of his audio books, you are not this tiny speck in the universe–the entire universe is WITHIN YOU.  You need only to be aware that it is there, allow it to flow through you.  You give up being individual, in a sense, but you don’t loose your sanity, you just walk within the all that is…

Please enjoy Charlie Haden!