imagesThere are two things to think about today.  One, beating depression, two, playing guitar.

Reading a helpful book for guitarists:  Guitar Zero by Gary Marcus.  This reaffirms what I knew already.  Learning to play guitar well is a gigantic challenge.

Marcus writes, “the sheer amount of brain rewiring that must be done is almost overwhelming   I wish desperately that there were shortcuts to all the neural rewiring, but as a cognitive psychologist I know better.  Playing smoothly entails rewiring the whole brain, from the temporal lobes to the pre-frontal cortex, and there is no way around that.  It’s time to get cracking.”

Many would read this quote and think, wow, that is just a lot of work.  But for a depressed person, it is an answer to prayer.  To rewire the entire brain means that the neural pathways that are deeply rutted into the habit of depression will be obliterated.

Merely by choosing to learn a new skill, the depression is cured.  You may say, sure, but someone who is depressed won’t choose to learn a new skill.

That’s just it.  All the therapy that hasn’t worked for many of us, can all be chucked into the trash. You need only focus on something you love, that you want to learn.  No need to analyze who abused you, how it affected you, how to increase your self esteem.

Nope, just simply focus on the task at hand, fully in the present.

This is fine with me.  Today I will get cracking to get those new neural pathways built real strong, enough so that the songs will “play themselves”, just like my depression used to play itself.






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