Post Redone — Now the Audio is in Place: Enjoy Herbie Hancock

If you don’t see the video below it may be an issue with Mac vs. PC.  You may access the jazz via google by entering the following:

Herbie Hancock Driftin’ Youtube

Just enjoying Herbie Hancock from the 60s…this sensibility in this jazz is timeless but I don’t seem to get it in the newer jazz…maybe it’s just me but that era when Miles, Coltrane et al were veering away from the traditional jazz was so magical – the mingling of blues with jazz, the improvisation…it keeps me going…wanting to write more music and sing and in fact it keeps me wanting to live, knowing I can always listen to this kind of music to sooth my soul…

The jazz of this era touches me in a way that can’t be expressed in words…but to try, it speaks to me of:





more freedom



thats all for now



Writing Music is giving, performing it is receiving back from your investment, in JOY

Having done a lot of song writing lately i fully enjoyed this clip of Duke Ellington in the studio and his message at the end of the clip

When you write music, that is giving, but when you perform, that is receiving – you get a return on your investment – in Joy

It feeds you, it is like eating.

System Restore-How to get more choices of points in the past

cropped-cropped-blk-cat.jpgLikely not the first time anyone has discussed a human version of “System Restore”, that tool on most computers that lets you duplicate a time in the past if your computer is screwing up, broken, not working, being a pain in the ass.

So, naturally it comes to mind – what if humans had a “system restore” that would be activated at the click of a mouse whenever one’s life, feelings, thoughts, or employment prospects where not working as desired?

And there is good news – this feature is always accessible to any human being, without even going near a computer…because every set of time windows from the past is stored in your psyche – your memory, your emotions…

Let’s begin with emotions:  Think of a perfect time in the past:  the most happy, confident, peaceful (or other desired word).

Now, zap:  your “system” is there.  Everything that felt a certain way back then, the way you thought, what you were capable of, are all exactly like that now, only you are fully in the present.  You are applying all the best of that past time window, but in the present.  Nothing to figure out – just go right on with your day.

That is just a lovely thought – anything I could enjoy then, I enjoy now.  The love I felt then, I feel now.  The impact of the colors of nature is as intense and comforting now as it was then.

I hope this thought has some chance of brightening your day.



Fantasy Immersion – It’s the Half Way Mark, Boomers, Start your engines

A child would no more cut off the amazing delight of imagining having some desired thing or going to some desired place, then they would volunteer to cancel weekends and just go to school 7 days a week.

As adults we do. We censor ourselves, on some level, on remote control without our own logic at the helm, we believe:

“I can’t allow myself to feel delight about something that I would like to have or do or be, and then risk it not happening.”

What is that?  Why is that?

The inner censor is the very reason we end up not getting our desired things/feelings/trips/goals…

We must allow—feel and see and touch the desire–the brain can’t tell pretend from real.

Once felt, it GENERATES the real steps we must take to get our goal.

And, those steps are pretty easy to take, without worry, fear, or force–once we have immersed in fantasy–i call it fantasy immersion.  Fantasy immersion is like filling your car’s gas tank with high octane fuel so that car can just go and go with ease, smooth as glass.

Because that kid size imagination (immersing ourself in fantasy, being fully as if we already have our desire) starts up full-blown passion.

And passion has been shown time and again to be the one thing that those who create and excel in this world have (and those who don’t excel are lacking.)

To ALLOW this kid style unabashed delight and ecstasy of imagination as a senior or mature person (for instance, those of us pushing sixty or more), do this:

1.  Imagine the half way mark in life versus thinking “I have so little time”.  Imagine if you are 60 that you can live to 120…or something like that –the possible age of humans today is 125 years..not the average but the real and possible age that humans can live to (so far–it could go up as we get better at preventing things like cancer and Alzheimer’s)

2.  Realize that you have all the time in the universe for ONE passion.   Take a month to write a song you love – take five years to study the subject you love, or go to a place you have dreamed of going and be there for a year or more…

Because the alternative is “lives of quiet desperation”.  And if it never happens?   If your bubble is popped and you fall flat and don’t get your desired objective?  What then?

What’s worse  – having a moment (or hour, or 24 hours) of ecstasy feeling “as if” you got your goal – dream job, dream partner, dream vacation, ..and then maybe not getting it…

or feeling dull all the time and GUARANTEED not getting anything you have wanted now or at any other time in your life?

If you risk fantasy immersion the scientifically verifiable chances of getting it go up by a billion percent.

A Poem about Getting Old, No Pills, Being a Busker (aka Street Performer)

A poem I wrote:  I am a coward because other poems I write are not revealing my deep fears etc. but this one does.  It is about my fear of being seen as an old, crazy lady who has never succeeded who keeps telling everyone she is a singersinger/songwriter.

It is also about busking – becoming a street performer…Recently I have decided the best way to launch my songwriter/guitarist career at age 58 is on the street – in San Francisco and other places.  Since trying to play in clubs etc seems so labor intensive – the calls, the being ignored,  the few gigs that pay so little…it just seems easier to show up, wheel in my battery operated amp and microphone, and sing my heart out…not sure if I can make any money this way but for now i have a loving spouse who is willing to fund my art adventure – although he is getting impatient since I have been earning zero and we need the money…

So here goes – my poem to express how I think I am a crazy old nut for trying to be a “songwriter” and how I also think that by not writing about this exact fear, I will not be a good songwriter.

Old and Unsuccessful

Bumps on my hips

Lumps in my breast

to forget to be old

I’m doing my best

To keep writing songs

That live to be sung

To live for the next

I write another one

I’m plodding along

in my dorky fashion

ploddings ok

it begets passion

I read the New Yorker

for inspiration

of poets past

and our crumbling nation

and hold court on the street

to whomever will listen

polish my words

out here ’til they glisten

Sick of hearing

it’s not for sissies

yes I’m older

than Ulysses

Dream of someday

re-living my past

The man that got away

returning at last

Confessing his love

I was right all along

It must be true

Cause I’m singing this song

and you’ll hear as I do

it proves one thing

I’m crazy as hell

I feel that sting

It’s hard to bare

but easier still

than closing up shop

going back on the pills

(note:  I was going to correct the spelling of “bare” but it seems fitting to leave it grammatically wrong for obvious reasons?)

from the site called “Wisdom Pills” : The Real Reason for the Forty Hour Work Week

I found the following article via Facebook – It touches on much more than the work week.  It is a fascinating discussion on material versus organic success, as i see it.  We sacrifice what I call organic success – the feeling that life is good, fun, and meaningful, for the right to work 40 hours a week and have a lot of money – and then we try to fix the unhappiness caused by being at work too many hours each day by spending money on things that we would not even want to buy if we were not so bummed out from working too much at jobs that are not very fulfilling…so amazing.  do hope  you will follow this link to read this article. And even better, for you writers here on WordPress, the site called Wisdom Pills accepts original content and has many cool articles for your reading pleasure and mind expansion….enjoy.

A Video You Must See…If you follow your passion FULLY, this is what happens

I love this video because the film maker leads with passion, not marketing plans.  I firmly believe that “if you build it, they will come”…if you write and sing it (with ALL your heart) they will listen..  this video reminds me that it’s true and makes me want to keep going

Hope you enjoy this.  I had never heard of this young man, just found it on Vimeo (an alternative to Youtube which I am sure most are familiar with).  I like these alternative sites because you don’t have to wade through all the “stars” to get to more personal videos.

A jazz guitar lesson and a positive attitude

Not selling or promoting anything here, just seems like a nice man giving a useful lesson that I will be using in my practice today.  Getting ready for a good and long practice, nothing will stop me.  not hale, sleet, snow, or self-defeating attitudes.  Each thing I practice has value today.