KID532SecondStarToTheRightOh well, as they say, redirect the ship and straight on till morning….

This happened to me and my pride hurt – i had not been doing the work necessary to get the results I wanted.

My teacher was and is committed to me becoming a better guitarist and it was clear at the last lesson that I was not.

After, as he put it, “There is no water in the lake”…. i was crushed, but upon saying there was no water in the lake, akin to the lights are on but nobody’s home…he stated several things I did not even know….

“You don’t even know how to play a 2 minor in front of a dominant chord, you don’t know what a 5th interval is, what a 4th is, what a 9th is…”

Well, I promptly went home and learned those very things and am working everyday to continue learning them, and all the other intervals, and to re-visit all the un-done lesson material given to me (which by the way I paid good money for)….

Because even if the teacher thinks “there is no water in the lake”, I am not a loser, and I will not allow my desire to improve at guitar to go by the wayside…it has been a fight because some part of me says I can’t do it…but that is just one voice, and the other voice says, F – You, I can TOO.

So I will hear that determined voice…and not to prove it to my teacher  – with standards as high as his, he may still believe I am not improving, but I know how much work I have done and that I am closer to my goal than I was that fateful day when I cried at my lesson.

To be clear, I happen to have one of the top guitarist/teachers on the planet, that is why his standards are so high, and I don’t take lessons for fun or to get warm fuzzies from the teacher…I take lessons so I can get the skill that I want…and THEN…with that new skill level, FUN is going to jump out all over the place…

But lest we mistake reaching a goal for enjoying the journey, yes I have fun learning – it is just AT the actual lesson that I don’t have fun…oh well.

I love your comments, please share!

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