Continuing from  my last post, I have benefited greatly from the book “Urban Shaman” by Serge King PH.d.  Here are some points regarding being in the present moment, similar to the “Power of Now” concepts, in the book by that name, by Ekharde Tolle.

NOW is where everything happens, how you feel is decided in the now, and not limited by something that happened in the past.

NOW can be as you choose to define it.  Since scientist confirm that time is just a made up concept to help us keep track of events, you can choose to say that there is no past or future and you can change your entire NOW to be as you desire.

King also explains in “Urban Shaman” a system in the Hawaiian Huna Way, that posits that everything is only a dream…So you could say that NOW is everything since you were born and includes all the time until you die, and then decide what happens NOW…

For instance, you could decide that the now that occurred in 1990 was a happy time, when good things happened – and actually select those things, and feel what it is like to have had hose things happen in 1990…thereby actually “changing the past” —which is the opposite of one of the most entrenched beliefs that almost everyone has—-“You can’t change the past.”

What if you did change the past?  In the Huna Shaman way, everything is arbitrary, so you can simply say, this or that happened, and since it did, I now feel this way about it…That is just as valid as saying XYZ happened (which actually did happen) so now I feel this way—you could feel any way you decide to about whatever happened, did not happen, or whatever happened according to any made up story you care to insert….it just doesn’t matter

…it is not like anyone goes around saying, “excuse me, I know what you did in 1990 and because that happened you cannot possibly be happy right now in 2015″…only you are saying that in your own head…

and by the way, if someone you know, who was witness to something from your past, would actually expect you to feel bad now because of something that happened before, that person needs to be expelled from your life–they are diametrically counter to your own best interest…

But I digress, the point is, so many if not all the people you see on a given day have no clue what happened to you before, so make up the story you like and put it into your now…and use the mental, emotional and spiritual power that arrises from that story — that good story which is exactly as you choose.

For instance, going to a job interview, you visualize having gone to a similar one 10 years ago, or last year, and the company wanting to hire you, and you feeling all excited when you got the offer, but turning it down because you got an even better offer. The point is, your feelings change when you do this–it has nothing to do with what you would say about the past, or what you put in your resume.  It is merely a tool to help you channel your emotions and brain power in the here and now,  to a better place from which you can operate happily and successfully NOW.

This is what little children do…they make things up and go around talking and acting as if they are real, and they are quite happy thank you very much…and those who are encouraged to use their imaginations grow up to be writers, artists or other creative types – because they are able to create the scene and circumstances that are most desirable, and bring them about in their daily lives.

This is a bit of a stream of consciousness thing but it makes sense to me and maybe it will to you too.



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