cropped-cropped-blk-cat.jpgLikely not the first time anyone has discussed a human version of “System Restore”, that tool on most computers that lets you duplicate a time in the past if your computer is screwing up, broken, not working, being a pain in the ass.

So, naturally it comes to mind – what if humans had a “system restore” that would be activated at the click of a mouse whenever one’s life, feelings, thoughts, or employment prospects where not working as desired?

And there is good news – this feature is always accessible to any human being, without even going near a computer…because every set of time windows from the past is stored in your psyche – your memory, your emotions…

Let’s begin with emotions:  Think of a perfect time in the past:  the most happy, confident, peaceful (or other desired word).

Now, zap:  your “system” is there.  Everything that felt a certain way back then, the way you thought, what you were capable of, are all exactly like that now, only you are fully in the present.  You are applying all the best of that past time window, but in the present.  Nothing to figure out – just go right on with your day.

That is just a lovely thought – anything I could enjoy then, I enjoy now.  The love I felt then, I feel now.  The impact of the colors of nature is as intense and comforting now as it was then.

I hope this thought has some chance of brightening your day.




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