A child would no more cut off the amazing delight of imagining having some desired thing or going to some desired place, then they would volunteer to cancel weekends and just go to school 7 days a week.

As adults we do. We censor ourselves, on some level, on remote control without our own logic at the helm, we believe:

“I can’t allow myself to feel delight about something that I would like to have or do or be, and then risk it not happening.”

What is that?  Why is that?

The inner censor is the very reason we end up not getting our desired things/feelings/trips/goals…

We must allow—feel and see and touch the desire–the brain can’t tell pretend from real.

Once felt, it GENERATES the real steps we must take to get our goal.

And, those steps are pretty easy to take, without worry, fear, or force–once we have immersed in fantasy–i call it fantasy immersion.  Fantasy immersion is like filling your car’s gas tank with high octane fuel so that car can just go and go with ease, smooth as glass.

Because that kid size imagination (immersing ourself in fantasy, being fully as if we already have our desire) starts up full-blown passion.

And passion has been shown time and again to be the one thing that those who create and excel in this world have (and those who don’t excel are lacking.)

To ALLOW this kid style unabashed delight and ecstasy of imagination as a senior or mature person (for instance, those of us pushing sixty or more), do this:

1.  Imagine the half way mark in life versus thinking “I have so little time”.  Imagine if you are 60 that you can live to 120…or something like that –the possible age of humans today is 125 years..not the average but the real and possible age that humans can live to (so far–it could go up as we get better at preventing things like cancer and Alzheimer’s)

2.  Realize that you have all the time in the universe for ONE passion.   Take a month to write a song you love – take five years to study the subject you love, or go to a place you have dreamed of going and be there for a year or more…

Because the alternative is “lives of quiet desperation”.  And if it never happens?   If your bubble is popped and you fall flat and don’t get your desired objective?  What then?

What’s worse  – having a moment (or hour, or 24 hours) of ecstasy feeling “as if” you got your goal – dream job, dream partner, dream vacation, ..and then maybe not getting it…

or feeling dull all the time and GUARANTEED not getting anything you have wanted now or at any other time in your life?

If you risk fantasy immersion the scientifically verifiable chances of getting it go up by a billion percent.


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