sharing this by Tony Gilotte. Never heard it put this way but Have often thought, why do people say things that are mean- or that cause bad things/ feelings / etc. to occur, and then act like it is ok because “it is true”? This is ignorant – Tony’s post points out that truth without love is not truth…ANd that is right! Struggling to say what the following post means to me, can only say, I have been removed from this type of idea for too long, and want to get back to it.

Life Solutions

Truth without love is not truth and love without truth is not love..

If we love, we do so in truth and if we live in truth, we love..

We cannot love without truth and we cannot live in truth without love..

Love causes me to be true, to see truth and to long for truth to have its way..

Truth creates a longing to love, a passion and drive to be a person who loves..

Please don’t say you love if you are not being truthful ..

Please don’t say that you are living for truth if you are unwilling to love…

Any faith movement, personal relationship, effort to create awareness..

Must be characterized by truth and love to stand the test…

Eternity will weed out all counterfeits, truth and love are infinitely linked …



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