Trella Brazil is in a crisis.  Every day I am supposed to work on music and I squander away the amazing chance I have to make my art, write songs, get gigs, learn jazz from a fantastic teacher who I am blessed to live in proximity to…

When I started this blog I was doing about 4 hours a day practice, now it is 1 or 2…this is not going to get me to my goal.  So today i am going back to my first plan, to write every morning to motivate myself and then to practice.

Also, I was putting up a video that would motivate me, of a great jazz guitarist…Today I am putting up a Miles Davis song.

I am learning this song on my guitar, with my words replacing the horn parts.  It is a thing that I could be ridiculed for because to take this masterpiece with assume that I could do it even a shred of justice is pretty risky…

But I will do it, because this is the music i feel.  I must play what and how I feel… when I made up words to this song it was they only music that spoke to me …and I will always play music that speaks to me, even if i am laughed at for doing it.

PLEASE enjoy this music  – it is so mellow, slo…..ow…….in a word that seems way too fast most of the time.


I love your comments, please share!

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