When I was 20 I thought I was messed up and the world or someone should save me

Now I think the world is messed up and i have to save it.

This is no easy burden to carry, makes me overwhelmed, but I write songs so maybe I have a shot if I play the cards most carefully, getting people to actually hear the songs, that is quite difficult.

How, in a world with so…..much recorded stuff—–everyone has garage band etc to make recordings….and there are many sites to use…

Sound Cloud



REverb Nation

to name but a few….hope that this journey is a fun one because i am going no matter what.

I HAVE to try to make the world a better place, or I will be part of the problem. as I see it.  Am i being so…..judgmental?  Or …..i don’t know, i just can’t sit here and feel pain about the shit happening and the world that I see as quite neurotic (people working for 5.00 an hour while CEOs get millions, and similar crap)


I love your comments, please share!

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