dogRaincoatThis picture really speaks volumes about love shared between a human and an animal, and that is a good start, but we also need love between human beings, everywhere we go:

We cannot depend solely on our family—sometimes, even though they love us, the soul craves something more, something to move us, inspire passion (sexual or otherwise).

Today I crave love, perhaps excitement…and here I am attempting to practice – but my music comes from love, no love-no music!

It is a vicious cycle:

I keep myself home to practice many hours per day, but in being alone so much with the guitar just sitting there, love dwindles away.

Just admitting the need for love, my soul begins to heal.  I realize I can purposefully go into my lovely community and share smiles and love with the people I am drawn to.  I try to sneak out of that task, hoping some fantasy of the perfect love is all I need…TRUTH:  I, like you, need many sources of love, or as we said back in the 70s, strokes.  We now have “Meet Up”, thank God, because it offers so many great ways to connect.  My best friends are ones I met via Meet Up.

SO, as to love:

..I need it…or I shall die…that’s all for now…bye bye

PS – If you go to Home Depot , or any other shop, smile and ask an employee “How are you doing?”  Then stop and listen while they respond.  If possible, make a comment that could just be the thing they needed in their present predicament. It will bring a bit of love to their soul!


I love your comments, please share!

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