I started so full of optimism but since the blog began i have been contacted via Facebook by an old love – who I associate with massive amounts of pain and rejection–preceded by the most earthshaking “love of my life” scenarios.

What to do with that?  Someone, a time in life, that i totally buried, had totally forgotten as of 28 years ago…and the actual relationship that occurred in 1977…

How can that matter now?  But it does…

So today i dedicate every note i play and sing, even if it is just a practice drill, to reclaiming and embracing the young, the innocent, the one who sees the most vivid of colors and the most joyous of perfect futures, the young person in the throes of love…in hopes that that person may live on in me no matter my chronological age.

I want to go back to the young girl who was hurt and say, i know how awful it was, but that is not reason to lock your heart up and throw away the key…as a songwriter, having read on a blog today that music is love looking for words… i know i have to pick up that young girl and hug her and ask her what she has to say in the words of the songs i will write, what she wants to share with the world and…

I want to ask her, how can you and me (me being older and wiser) make the world a better place with our music, our love, and how do we heal the psychic and emotional pain of old wounds?

And I know that between me and her, we can heal the wounds and go on to live up to our full potential as people and as musicians.. We are now a team, she and I..





One thought on “On Lost Loves Returning Via Facebook when Both are married

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