This video describes utility cars in the future not owned, timed by AI for use round the clock, not able to cause accidents… this is wonderful.

Think of all the problems this one invention/advancement could solve

1.  People getting in car accidents

2. lack of space for growing populations (the cars are never stored or parked…ever..they are always carrying people from place to place)

3.  Air pollution

4.  Economy that discriminates if  you don’t have a good enough car

5.  No more sitting in traffic jams for many hours of your life–no more road rage

6.  Go to cultural events without having to find a parking space


and more I am sure

Think of all the hundreds of thousands of creative solutions to every problem on the planet…and people do…

think of solutions, that is.

You know who has the most solutions?  Young peolpe…they invent, they dream how it could be and make a life purpose out of helping to realize that dream.

So I don’t think there is cause for a collective gloom and doom. About elections, climate, or jobs or anything…

Turn off your news streaming and set your own course into the possible, the fun, the important and meaningful stuff that makes life worth living while making others lives better.  Learn music, invent a safe holiday toy, create a better space where you live or work to show kindness to yourself (i.e. dust, remove clutter, maybe bring in a plant..):  what ever you can do to set your own mood and focus, and detach from the media’s hatred, shallowness and plain old uninteresting-ness…do it now,  and have a better day from this moment on,




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