Since i have shared many jazz guitar videos, here is one of my first loves, singing, and the jazz singer who brought it to me–the desire to sing in that amazing style.  I had a roommate in the 80s who had old records lying around, she said I could have them.  One of them was Sarah Vaughn and after that I was hooked…Had never heard such vocal artistry.

I continue to improve on guitar, having learned to pick correctly after fumbling and groaning a lot…what a victory!  Now i need to master improv.


My jazz guitar adventure has always been in the service of my singing.  Sometimes I forget that.  Unlike pure instrumentalists I have my voice to entertain.

The purpose of learning guitar is so that I can grace my voice with the best jazz feel, jazz timing and with those fills between the vocals that set them of in all their shimmering beauty (at least that is what my vocal coach says my voice is like!)

Take the time to listen and watch the Sassy one:  The quality on this video is very good, showing her face, so relaxed while revealing intense emotion – quite a balancing act…


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