Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue made me feel jazz and love it – the kind of blues (no pun intended) that I like that is, and I don’t like it all .. I think folks who say they don’t like it have heard a KIND that they don’t like and have yet to hear something so mellow and spiritual as tunes like All Blues, or Round Midnight ..I hope that is true.

Today is a lovely day as the birds feed out on the balcony.  I will return today to the deepest place in my heart and be fully present in all I do, guitar, washing clothes…all of it.  Anything and everything I do is a good time to feel the ecstasy of being fully present with nature, not censoring or judging anything that you feel or think, but instead letting the buddha within you address each and every thing that comes up and offer you comfort – allow you to no longer hide anything from yourself..In realeasing all that is being submerging the knack for full joy like a child returns once again and you are home, above all the pain – personal and worldwide, – breakups, death, was, Ebola, racial divides…can all be there and yet you may have joy, passion, ecstasy, even the feeling of the first time you fell in love–only better because this doesn’t rely on anther person to love you, it is within you-you are both the lover and the lovee- this sounds impossible but it is in fact very possible.

I love your comments, please share!

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