arpegI posted a few weeks back that I was just learning arpeggios and now I am pleased to report I am learning them quite sufficiently.  My teacher says that just knowing scales and arpeggios very well will automatically cause me to start improvising.  I don’t know if this is so, but I choose to believe it otherwise all I am learning is futile.

That would never happen.  Somewhere in me is a female Wes Montgomery–ha ha!

I do study his videos and the amazing thing is how it looks so easy,  and I would not claim to be able to play like him, but i can clone on his relaxed and happy demeanor, that should improve my playing instantly.

Busy life these days but will get back to writing posts soon.  (ones that actually say something besides just reporting my jazz guitar progress).



2 thoughts on “Arpeggios are coming along …Jazz Lessons

  1. Your teacher is right – learning arpeggios and understanding how chords are constructed is very important, and will give you a solid basis for improvisation. Guitarists often learns chords as just a physical shape on the instrument, without really learning what specific notes are used to construct particular chords. It might seem more like hard work at this stage, but it will free up your playing and let you get so much more out of your instrument. Well done.


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