Today I will focus on relaxing my hands, arms, and entire approach while I learn more arpeggios.  As you see in the video of amazing Pat Martino, no tension in hands or body.  I love his playing because it is melodic and has a beat.  This is a good one for those who think they don’t like jazz because it goes all over the place and you can’t hear the melody.

Yes, some jazz is like that, but not the kind I enjoy or want to play.  But everyone has their own tastes and all kinds of music are valid–even if  touching just one individual.

The other thing about this video:  He is not young.  Look at the great playing, that one can do at any age.  So inspirational.  If you don’t know about this artist, he was in a fatal accident and did not play for years, then he later returned, better than ever.

I love your comments, please share!

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