This is a good/great concert. Please enjoy.  Upped my hours a day on my jazz guitar adventure to 4 to 5…yesterday made it to 3.5 staying up late as the day was full of to dos…better late then never..

I endorsed the 3.5 hours as success.  Being a stickler for exact time will only make it harder for me to keep my firm commitment.  Yes, I want to be my own “guitar coach”, keeping things on the side of a firm and strong work ethic, like an athlete, while also being kind and gentle with myself.

Today I will follow the advice from my teacher at Monday’s  lesson.  He says, get your coffee and water and do your 3 or more hours of practice, write down what you do, where you left off, and if not all done today, continue where you left off tomorrow.  And the BIG thing he said is, it is not just playing many hours every day that makes you good, it is playing with FOCUS.  Put on blinders, and just focus on one thing at a time, finish it and go to the next thing.  Avoid jumping around.  If you think of a tune while doing a drill, record it so as not to loose it.  But don’t stop the drill to spend hours composing a new tune.

I found another blog called something like “my jazz guitar adventure” (not on word press), and was about to follow it when, oh no, he posted that he had not been playing in a long while and thus had not been posting.

That is a cautionary tale:  At my age, playing every day without stop gaps is the way to bliss.  This is a way of life or nothing.  Seeing the afore mentioneds photo, he was much younger then I, so he doesn’t take it as seriously perhaps,  Not to judge… for the minute I make it into a “have to practice every day or else” kinda thing, it can lead to disaster.

Instead I am making it, “I get to do this amazing music, this beautiful instrument”.

My guitar looks just like the one John Scofield is playing.  Wish me jazzy guitar power for today I begin the triad arpeggios in all 12 keys.




2 thoughts on “Jazz Guitar: Play Every Day, that is “The Way”

  1. My advice is to practice purposefully. Work out what progress you are going to make, or what you are going to learn and learn it. Milestones are valuable. What you should never do is bore yourself to tears or put in the hours, without achieving your goal. Small steps, daily. I’ve been playing for 44 years. Still love it.

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