From the Elegant Universe by Brian Green

“Imagine that George, who is wearing a spacesuit with a flashing light, is floating in the absolute darkness of completely empty space, far away from any planets…From George’s perspective he is completely stationary, engulfed in the uniform, still blackness of the cosmos. Off in the distance George catches sight of a tiny, green flashing light that appears to be coming closer and closer. Finally it gets close enough for George to see that the light is attached to a spacesuit of another space-dweller, Gracie, who is floating by.  She waves as she passes by, as does George, and she recedes in the distance.  This story can be told with equal validity from Gracie’s perspective.  It begins in the same manner with Gracie completely alone in the immense still darkness of outer space.  Off in the distance, Gracie sees a red flashing light, which appears to be coming closer and closer. Finally it gets close enough for Gracie to see that it is attached to the spacesuit of another being, George, who is slowly floating by. He waves as he passes, as does Gracie, and he recedes into the distance.

The two stories describe one and the same situation from two distinct but equally valid points of view.  Each observer feels stationary and perceives the other as moving.  Each perspective is understandable and justifiable.  As there is symmetry between the two space-dwellers, there is, on quite fundamental grounds, no way of saying one perspective is “right’ and the other “wrong”.  Each perspective has an equal claim to the truth.”

People insist they are right because they are.  But they also insist the other guy is wrong, when s/he is ALSO right.   Merely because they are only relying on (and stacking absolute rightness in) THEIR sense of things–what they know in every core of their being is the TRUTH.

They are not allowing that there is more to “right” or “truth” than just what they can observe and comprehend with their primary senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell, and in their current state of knowledge,  awareness, education.

This is why people hate.  They hate someone who would call untrue what they KNOW is one-million percent true.They hate because they think the other is calling them a liar, and the other person hates right back, for the exact same reason.

Perhaps a mere physics lesson could end war, repair bad marriages and make parents and teens able to live under the same roof in relative calm.


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