what a great post. Says it all. Thank you Christopher.


Last week, in a moment during a busy afternoon, my perception of who I am changed in the blink of an eye. I have awakened to life at last!
Previously, for decades, there had been a “resistance” to life and living fully. My Guru noted this & I observed it also: Motivation came head to head
with inward reluctance. There was a friction. A fiery one! This went on for decades..until last week.
Life is living “me” which is only real in the most practical sense. My “individual” existence is in service to the Life in which all of Creation arises.
Paradoxically, I am more motivated to live life than ever before. Life embraces life. The cleaning projects. The emails. The phone calls. Errands..all of it.
It is a wonderful thing, this “Life” which lives “me” and gives me permission to, as my Guru once encouraged me, to “Go For…

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