Even though i have a migraine and the medicine has made me groggy, i will get some energy drink and then practice.  That is my promise to myself and the world.  I will not let this one day go by without getting better at jazz guitar, and I will be better at being human too.  To play guitar is a spiritual practice, that transcends low self esteem, depression, and lack of money and the fact that loved ones have recently died.  None of that matters, only the beauty of the music matters.  With this in mind, and with the self acceptance for what i have already learned, i go on to my next practice.  To this date i have learned; scale patterns in each key, 3 arpeggios, how to find the 3rd and use scales to improvise or create runs between chords, and how to play very hard chords in Jobim songs.  So I am not doing so bad, i will not beat myself up today.


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